Eroica Trio

Brahms Trios 1 & 2

If the distracting marketing hype about Trpceski is his youth, people can be put off by the Eroica Trio's glamorous image. But as violinist Adela Penn recently told one interviewer: "In classical music you can't fake it with marketing — you've got to work your little fingers off from the start and improve every day for the rest of your life, or your out of the running." You don't have to listen to more than a few bars of any of the Eroica's recordings to know they are the real thing. There is something particularly delightful about the combination of piano, violin and cello and much beautiful music has been written for this combination. The play between instruments is perhaps clearer than in a string quartet, mediated by the heavier tones of the piano. Their latest recording of Brahms confirms the Eroica's place as one of the premier trios. The first trio Brahm's first published work but was radically revised and shortened almost forty years later. It is a beautiful piece of many moods. The Eroica present a particularly sensitive rendition of the slow third movement where the piano softly tip toes around the strings. The finale is then played full of force and restlessness. The second Trio is more playful but no less expertly realised.

Marcus O'Donnell originally published in the Sydney Star Observer