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Friday, June 24, 2005


Eileen Gatliffe

I agree with the observations about discussion boards. They are artificial. I wasn't much help to them as I would often wait for everyone else to make a comment before I would comment. Most of the comments were like, 'You are so right', 'I agree', and so on. The process didn't feel like a dialogue, more like everyone feeling like they had to make a comment or two because we were being graded for our 'participation'. I haven't 'warmed' up to blogs yet, though. As my husband noted, it's sort of like getting up in front of the class and making a comment. It's very revealing and shy types or those afraid to offend may be reticent to make public statements, sort of like the student who pulls the teacher aside after class to make a comment they were to frightened to make in class. Blogs encourage spontaneity. Mainly because I can't always check my spelling and I'm not a good speller. I am taking more risks with the format. I still don't feel quite confident. I sort of feel like who really cares what I have to say, anyway. But in comparing discussion boards and blogs, I agree that blogs have more potential for true dialog between students.

Shawn Barnard

This post really clarifies nicely between a blog and a discussion board. This semester, I am enrolled in a course with multiple formats (listserve, course page, and blogs) and another that uses just a discussion board. I am already showing a preference to towards the multiple formats.

The discussion board seems trivial. People are posting because they are being monitored to post...not necessarily because they have something important to say. A blog post seems to have more purpose because it is more personal.

I have also noticed that the discussions on the boards have a tendency to digress or go off topic. Alone, this seems like it can be a tedious medium for learners. Although it has taken me some time to adjust, I like the variabillity that this course offers in with the formats and multiple ways to respond.

Ann Sebald

"I agree" with what everyone has said...(smile). I found Eileen's and Shawn's postings to be accurate and confirming. This past summer I was in an on-line course that did not have as much depth as it could have. However, I am wondering if the same "posting for a grade" mentality is present regardless of the medium. With blogs, it is about the individual and thus 'easier' for teachers to assess. However, I am not sure yet that one technology is better than another. Most likely, this is due to my "absense" from this course. Thus, a student gets out of the course, what they put into the course...regardless of the medium. Other thoughts?

Denn Frist

The discussion board seems trivial. People are posting because they are being monitored to post...not necessarily because they have something important to say. A blog post seems to have more purpose because it is more personal

Denn Frist

Thus, a student gets out of the course, what they put into the course...regardless of the medium. Other .. update


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