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Thursday, September 23, 2004



Yes I agree - the student comments are MUCH more interesting than the numerical data! In particular I've been pondering over the following comment and its implications ...

I think more linkages could be made in class time between blog-postings and course content. Rather than sitting on the side, I think the blog could form a central element of the teaching that ties together the lecture material and individual students' own explorations.

In journalism education (in a particular subject in higher education) I wonder what those student explorations might be (immersion experiences of some kind, perhaps) and in what ways they could tango with the face to face aspects? In the study it seemed that WHAT the students might be learning through the blogging experience was not clear.

Even you, Marcus (in your very first post) outlined WHAT you saw the purpose of this blog was: you set a particular agenda for using this blog in a particular way.

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