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Wednesday, September 22, 2004



An interesting idea ...

... blogging in journalism education can provide an integrated model of theory and practice.

One of the things we are fond of saying as journalism educators is that we aim to integrate theory and practice. It seems to me that blogging provides an excellent form for this integrated practice.

It seems that there are tips and techniques, and descriptions about blogging - I guess I'm interested in hearing about how this field of blogging and journalism education (and practice) is being theorised? Are there any empirical studies that have been done (perhaps where a particular development has been tested to see what happens) and then analysed? in the field of journalism, are theories just being applied or are they being tested to see if they hold up - am just interested in how theories in a particular field might also be generated as new technologies become available to do and think about things we may not have before :)

Just emerging questions - but then journalism education is not an area I know anything much about :)

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