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  • The mythos of any community is the bearer of something which exceeds its own frontiers; it is the bearer of other possible worlds…It is in this horizon of the ‘possible’ that we discover the universal dimensions of symbolic and poetic language. - Paul Ricoeur

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  • apocalyptics
    My Ph.D research blog: apocalyptic narratives, news, film, terrorism, myth, religion, culture
  • blogsperiment
    Project blog about online learning, blogging in journalism and education
  • possibleworlds
    My first blog: news, myth, queer stuff

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In my CD player

  • Philip Glass -

    Philip Glass: Etudes for piano
    Fantastic solo piano from the minimalist master the first release from his own label

  • Zehetmair Quartett: Robert Schumann String Quartet Nos 1 & 3
    The St Lawrence Qt version of Schumann's string quartets 1&3 was already one of my favourite CDs this one by Zehetmair Quartett just knocks me over. Supurb
  • Valery Gergiev: Berlioz Symphony Fantastique
    I some how passed over Berlioz for all these years this recording is teaching me to love him
  • Rene Jacobs -

    Rene Jacobs: Handel's Rinaldo
    Rene Jacob's new version of Rinaldo comes close to the perfect Handel opera on CD. His responsive period instrument orchestra and his gorgeous array of voices are mesmirising and beautifully in concert.